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Please reserve* your puppy in our upcoming litter - by clicking their button below.

In order to reserve your preferred puppy, 

we simply require a completion/review of application,

upon which you will receive a link for the $500.00 deposit

(non refundable - transfers to following litter),

and balance payable once you've made your choice of pup.

*waiting list position secured once deposit is confirmed

Available mini bernedoodle


MINI Teddy Bear Bernedoodles + MINI Australian Bernedoodles

Can't decide between them all?

Consider all of the different options with an Australian Bernedoodle where you get the the perfect blend of a mellow, outgoing, and allergy friendly Bernedoodle that we love - all in one package!



Our black puppies are absolutely GORGEOUS! Their coats are luxurious, shiny + draw so much attention! If you are looking for THE MOST CALM puppy, this is almost 100% the best fit!

+ $250


BiColour has the classic pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog but missing the rust points on the legs and face. Bi-colour [black + white] Bernedoodles (BMD + Poodle) are stunning!

+ $500

TriColor, Sable, Merle+

Tricolour has the classic color and pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is the most desirable look for a Bernedoodle but also the hardest to produce. Think classic Bernese - with a ball of fluff thrown in! We have had so many requests for these incredible combinations + colours! Our traditional tri, sable, Blue Merle + Chocolate Merle puppies are masterpieces - inside and out!

Grateful bernedoodle


Thank you for serving our world!

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet + newest family member.

Puppies are ready to go home at eight weeks of age, and each is accompanied with

  • their personal care package (holistic dog food [from our fantastic partner :: TLC Food], info packet, toy/blanket, dog ID tag, poop bags/holder, food kibble scoop)

  • complete vet records

  • toy/blanket

  • one year health guarantee

  • 2 year health guarantee

  • Lifetime training package [incredible partners :: Baxter + Bella]

    • save $68 by using discount code: BERNEDOODLEDO

mini bernedoodle puppy


What is it?

Our Basic Obedience Package is your puppy - trained for an additional time of your choosing. This training helps your puppy fit so much more seamlessly into your family and lifestyle, after beginner training and socialization. Your puppy will commence training at eight-weeks-old and train with us, delivered to you when they are 3-6 months of age depending on which program you choose. Miss so many of the challenges that come with a brand new puppy!



  • Your puppy will have the beginnings of basic house-trained/obedience/crate trained.

  • Your puppy will be socialized in different situations and places.

  • Your puppy will be learning the meaning of sit, stay, down, come, and leash etiquette.

  • You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder.

  • Puppy will be spayed or neutered at owner's discretion.


  1. BASIC Package: +$2,000, 3 months old

  2. MASTER Package: +$4,000, 4 months old

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